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Outdoor Patio VR

The Outdoor Patio at The Hub offers a refreshing and versatile space for meetings and smaller events. With a seating capacity for up to 12 people, this outdoor setting provides a unique and inviting atmosphere. The patio features a large outdoor area with partial shading, creating a comfortable environment for gatherings. Additionally, high-speed internet access ensures connectivity for productive sessions. This space is available for rent by the hour, allowing for customizable and flexible booking options.

The Outdoor Patio is an excellent choice for networking events, team-building activities, casual meetings, pop-up workshops, outdoor brainstorming sessions, and small social gatherings. It provides a relaxed and open-air setting that encourages creativity, collaboration, and fresh perspectives. From informal discussions to team celebrations, the Outdoor Patio offers a welcoming outdoor retreat for a variety of small-scale events.

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